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Opening for the 2024 season on Friday, May 24th

Matt Thomases
has turned lovely
farm fields into a
Sculpture Garden

Open to the Public

Admission Free

Closed on Tuesdays and when rain or thundershowers are forecast

Dance Motion sculpture by Matt Thomases

The art in the Garden has an exciting diversity of shapes and materials. 

A visitor will note the artist's preoccupation
with motion and flotation.

Ribbon sculpture by Matt Thomases

Berkshire Hills Sculpture Garden is on 15 hilly acres of farm land including woods, hedge rows and a seasonal stream. As one walks the Garden, there are marvelous views of the Berkshires including the Catamount Ski Slopes.

The sculptures are unusual and varied. Most remarkable are the three large works of Stained Glass on Stainless Steel that are 12’ to 16’ high. The glass colors glow and change as the sun shines from different angles during the day and each season.

Other works include Abstract Human Figures in bronze and fiberglass, and Dance Motions made of curved steel rods. There are some smaller bronze pieces on unique bases.  

The Sculptor

Matt Thomases has been creating art for forty years and has cast over 60 smaller works in bronze. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and has a second home and studio in Hinsdale, MA. His bronze and steel works have been shown in numerous galleries as well as in regional and national shows. To see many of Matt’s sculptures and read his Art Bio, visit his website:

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